Departments & Agencies

Department of Science and Technology of Hoa Binh province

(11/03/2020 17:00)

I. LOCATION AND FUNCTION 1. The Department of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Department for short) is a specialized agency of the provincial People's Committee, which functions to advise and assist the provincial People's Committee in state management of science and technology, including: scientific and technological activities; developing scientific and technological potentials; standards, measurement and quality; Intellectual Property; radiation and radioisotope application; radiation and nuclear safety; manage and organize the implementation of public services in the fields of the Department's functions in accordance with the law. 2. The Department has the legal entity, its own seal and account; to abide by the direction and management of the organization and operation of the provincial People's Committees, and at the same time comply with the direction, guidance, inspection and examination of professional knowledge and skills of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism

(11/03/2020 17:00)

I. Functions and duties of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism: